Friday, November 24, 2006

Fasting And Stomach Acid

latest work

So - have long been reported nothing more of my work. So much to tell because there's not even - I'm sitting there with all the other containing People from the "technical staff" (that's hits the best because we cover quite a few different areas of activity - we are all practical analyst, designer and programmer in one person) and look for the places in the code where I want to make my changes, test the and then create an update. With all the other people I understand Supergut me by the way (I was now invited to the New Year's Eve party of my colleagues, is fat-determined) - there is almost always a good atmosphere and it is much laughter, and despite (or perhaps precisely because * g * ?) but mostly we speak different languages - English to English and I. But both sides to improve step by step their shortcomings ... :-) (Always works better understand, just missing unfortunately I always noch'n bunch of grammar and vocabulary basis ...).
But now to the curious (or at least newsworthy) things that have happened in recent weeks. Until yesterday they were really well all the things about which one could smile more or less, but yesterday there was time for a change a bitter mood damper: Our secretary (24) was fired. It is thus already the third person in less than three months, which was during my time here and was gone ;-). One of the reasons I let my views at this point, not because I find it's honestly not correct and can not understand how something in a democratic country with (one hopes it) Freedom of expression can be extracted. But OK, here is how it was, now we are therefore left without first secretary, but the potential successors already imagine :-). "Funny" is that so that our group photo that we were made 1 week in advance (and to which we all cleaned out nicely) and had appeared in the extra suit, again, "obsolete" is. (Oh yes, if someone is looking for me: I get up, front view, right rear, and our ex-secretary is the young lady in front of the center of the image). But the more amusing things: Firstly, there would be

the thing with the hole in the ceiling. Yes, heard it right: One fine day - I believe it was on a Monday, and outside it was raining properly - had a small wet spot in a mosaic of (square, 40 x 40 cm) in the ceiling " our "Hall formed. Well, after he was seen by all the curious, we went back to work first. It was just interesting that this spot was always larger at first, and suddenly something bulged down the wallpaper, so that over time it looked as if there wanted to slip something ;-). At some point, then ripped the wallpaper in one place, and it started slowly runterzurieseln a few small pieces and look disgusting. But The coronation was still, after we had returned from lunch (and had forgotten the place a short time), there was suddenly a hissing sound and came down with a loud * Rummy * the complete part and slammed to the ground. A girl that was sitting right there has got almost get a heart attack :-). Then the first floor above it was seen through the hole. Meanwhile (since then passed again determined 3 weeks) has not done much, the missing piece of the ceiling is covered only with a plastic film (if more water comes down, the problem lies in the floor under).

And now what disgusting * g *. 2 weeks ago I was a little cold (even the effects of one night when I was walking in the pouring rain through Madrid). In any case, this also my sense of smell and taste was impaired Ordet - I took almost nothing was. So much for the preliminaries. Actually, it is namely the lunch that we (the technical staff) almost always take in one of our offices (before I started, people were actually getting somewhere at noon meal in any restaurant (the long lunch break of 1 1 / 2 hours enough for it anyway too loose off) - but as I said since the 'ne area is very expensive here, I could not and would not afford - and so I started the first sandwich, stuff for later Warm-up for the microwave (which is with us in the kitchen) to bring. Meanwhile eat almost all others, also with us in the office :-)). On that day I had my 'ne tortilla de patatas - Aw, kind of potato gratin (not to be confused with these hard tortilla chips), so with the typical food in Spain - the day before at the supermarket bought and brought a lunch stop. Since I posted something and therefore not as hungry, I put only half of the tortilla in the microwave, I grabbed the other half back in the fridge. When I took the finished tortilla in the microwave, I had (despite stunned nose) just feel that there is something strange smells, but in the end I thought nothing of it and let me taste it. Our "dining room" I looked at two of my colleagues and asked if I would smell this funny smell - he probably came from the air conditioner. I - I grade the last bite of pure sliding - came back into the socket and said that I had previously smelled in the kitchen also has something funny and hope that it was not my tortilla (which I imagine but could not because I like bought only the day before had said and she should be preserved until mid-December). So I went with one of my colleagues to check into the kitchen to the other half of the tortilla - but even as we entered the room, beat we meet a beastly stench, and this time I could also smell it (despite the cold) clearly. Without question, which had by heating (the obviously bad tortilla) have come with the microwave. For safety, I let my colleagues still smell on the other half of the tortilla, and he turned from in disgust. Everyone can imagine how I felt now. Not really bad of the tortilla, but just that feeling, "Oh sh ***, I've eaten something tainted". The coronation is yet to come. We then first all the windows flung open, trying to find out this disgusting stench from the offices - and the next half hour, then of course jokes made at my expense, so because of why I had not noticed and that I should ever make my will ;-). . Haha :-( In any event, I immediately grabbed me in affect even the second half of the tortilla and thrown into the (women's) and flushed down the toilet, there was occupied level in men the next day I came to work -. Without any complaints. . had been lucky so again What was less well, however, was that the Damenklo was blocked -. the water was running while rinsing easily from no more Oh man, shot me right in my head that determines the tortilla was then introduced me to our first secretary. to account, why I the tortilla into Damenklo (and not the men's room) was inserted. I knew with my smattering of English, of course, not as I should explain it (our secretary spoke only English that is, not even a hint of English). In the background I saw only the other party, and actually it was indeed hilarious. The problem was that the toilet had to be cleared by a plumber again and that the fun will cost 150 €. But the other calmed me and told me I should not have to worry (and not that which must be paid by me), which eventually was an accident (I still do not understand how half a tortilla - which is now not really sooo great could clog the toilet, but there have sometimes a lot more things by ;-)) and I also was not the first to whom it was happening (anyone had ever managed to the men's vollzukot *** and then also had the plumber ran :-)). Well, tortilla in the near future I will probably not bring more to work with ;-).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Slipped Disc And Constipation

Real Madrid vs. Olympique Lyon

This top match of the UEFA Champions League I could be a real football fan of course not to be missed. Or so thought probably the other people (most from the Gran Vía WG, along with two Frenchmen and Constantine) and so we made the pilgrimage to twelfth (!) - including 7 French - this Tuesday evening together to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium . The tickets were not even been times as much - we had taken the cheapest category with 20 € per card. Although quite high, but you could see well. was for power also provided (without the big pressure, because both teams had already qualified for the knockout stage) because Real with a win (and only then) would have had more chances to win the group, and this should of course attack be taken. The Bernabeu was alone in this Evening was quite an experience, but it almost sold out and there prevails a nice atmosphere (what a "normal" group-phase match in Madrid is by no means obvious). But then we saw another great game with lots of goals, which made the evening perfect. First there was the cold shower for real, as Lyon shortly after kick-off by Carew took the lead. After half an hour actually increased Lyon 2-0 against a never sure acting Madrid defense - especially Cannavaro was completely beside him that night. But Diarra shortened just before the Pasu for the good fighting Royal to 1:2, just to give the real reason fans again for hope. After a short drive phase by Real at the beginning of the 2nd Half time then the game unfortunately somewhat flattened, Lyon missed the chance to preliminary decision. Real finally put in the last quarter again everything on one card, and it was actually Ruud van Nistelrooy 7 minutes before the end not to unearned compensation. The stadium was boiling now, of course, the people and real whipped forward again. And Alfred Hitchcock it would produce no better: In the 90th Minutes but actually took that very van Nistelrooy a legitimate question out without penalty. Madrid had the thing purely done before, the fans probably had the joy Station demolished ;-). Have they not - van Nistelrooy failed more or less miserably at Lyon keeper. And so playful real chance to win the group, while Lyon just made this perfect. However, for the neutral observer it was just a great game.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eye Vision Looked Like Kladiscope

day trip to Toledo

went this weekend's Constantin and Kathleen after Toledo that many chose Madrid's like as a destination to the stress of the metropolis, at least to escape at the weekend. It is also quite fix there - in just 1 hour buses run every half hour from the relevant bus terminals from the current to the former (yes, would whoever intended * g *), capital of Spain. Friday night before we were not wisely gone for so long, so we were pretty early on Saturday (half 10) loose. The weather was not too outstanding on that day - the sky was cloudy, but at least it did not rain (do not count ;-)). the two short showers

Toledo even lives, of course, mainly from his life story, I would not be there. It provides content (and also leave a little) it all a bit of old-fashioned, but maybe it was indeed already mentioned in the weather. So we hiked up through three more or less along the narrow streets of old stone walls of a small mountain - Namely, there is the historic Toledo. The city is famous for 2 things, on the one ancient armories, and other marzipan (Toledo is practically the Aachen Spain). And so were most of the buildings - so were they not churches (which by the way every time or extra admission must be paid - well, like who's, and thickness) - either weapons and armor shops (supposedly were in the films of " Mr. of the Rings "trilogy used swords forged in Toledo), or shops where marzipan was offered in all imaginable variations. So then was Constantin and Kathleen quickly realized what it would take as a gift for taking place that evening birthday party - just a purse fresh marzipan chocolates.

Well, is much more in my view, not to say Toledo - I was honestly a little disappointed, and I say not what I was expecting - but a nice big city or a fine beach, and even some nature appeal to me any more than such a historic small town.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Women Transparent Blouse Show

Weekly Review

Last week was a lot going on, So here is a brief summary of events:

Tuesday we call together with the people of Gran Vía tickets for the Champions League Real Madrid vs cracker. Olypique Lyon ordered. Then we went to eat with everyone together in the "La Esquina de Eusebio" in the very near my new apartment tapas. The next day I picked up my lunch break in the ordered football tickets with Gian Luca in the stadium - after all, is it so practically only a stone's throw from my work to the stadium. I can not wait and hope for a big game.
Mitwochabend was then "revenge" for Annette food as a reward for the tennis tickets they had twice worried in my apartment instead of (as my roommate both were not there and we also needed a stove). Before I met Pieter shopping for ingredients, and then we have both determined 1 ½ hours sweating in the kitchen ;-). There should be 4 courses. First, a vegetable broth with meatballs, followed by a Greek salad (with feta cheese). As main dish we were preparing to lasagna, and was the grand finale's baked apples with vanilla sauce and Fruchsorbet. Has so far everything went well, even if we improvise every now and then something . Had But ultimately, the food was a great success - Annette was very enthusiastic. Of course, we had made too much - but that was not bad, because I've done nothing for the next day at work * g *. There was a little terror's still alive when unexpectedly my landlord at the apartment turned up. The retired but then soon returned to "his" room and disturb us no more that evening. And then there's still a really good news: My scholarship was finally approved - and so I can appreciate a small financial syringe - with my salary but it was only biher but rather lean left.

Thursday finally, I actually had a small housewarming party planned at my house, just because my two roommates were not there. But somehow got lost and only Constantin + Kathleen Susi + Jessi in my room - the Gran Vía "community" sags somewhat in their shared - and so we had to unfortunately ;-) sooooo beautiful alcohol drink alone. And then we went more into the "Hora de Bruja", a pub in the party district "Huertas", where it specifically for Erasmus students are very cheap drinks (such as a Mojito for 2,50 €). Fortunately, the controls before not quite right, so we all came to enjoy the cheap prices.
Friday finally went to Arnaud's, Anja and
Tanja and Constantin + Kathleen in my favorite tapas bar, "Los Amigos" - then you had to roll me out again ;-). Fortunately was then not much, because we wanted to go with Constantin and Kathleen on the day after Toledo.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nadine Jansen Pregant

Visiting the Zoo

Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been fascinated by animals and I like to go for my life at the zoo. In every major city in which I had been for 'a while (Cottbus ;-), Atlanta, Melbourne, Sydney, New York), I have the individual animal park paid a visit - and last Sunday was now for the zoo in Madrid it. One thing first: I'm already so now as just mentioned so a lot of "reference material" collected - and there will already be hot when I say that the zoo in Madrid for me is one of the best I've ever seen. Although the entrance with just under 15 € is not cheap grad - but he has paid in full. As could be mentioned first of all, once, of course, the incredible diversity of animals - have really found it all my heart desires. Starting with the obligatory elephant, lions and tigers to giraffes, ostriches, hippos, Rhino, the my beloved great apes (gorillas and orang-utans), to penguins, dolphins and sea lions. (Which may, of course, the comparison with Sydney, which to my knowledge the biggest and best aquarium in the world do not stand up) There's even a large aquarium with sharks there. The second is the great design of the zoo to mention - this is the park in the different continents from which the animals are divided. This orientation facilitates immensely, and is supported by the good signs in the park yet. The enclosures are quite large (which is so important for the animals), but it is almost always relatively close to them. The absolute highlight However, the four daily shows with parrots, birds of prey, sea lions and dolphins. Especially the last two things I've never seen before - and I was impressed with what you can these sea mammals teach you everything. Have here a total of 5 hours spent in glorious sunshine and stuff from relaxed - ie a round gelungerner Sunday :-).

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wholesaloe Chicken Wing

Again tennis

goods admire 3 weeks, the men, this time the female tennis elite at the center of attention. The 8 best tennis players in the world made in the Sony Ericsson Championships (which by the way the first time in Madrid took place) the new world champion (and, incidentally, the new world number one) from among themselves. In addition there was initially a group phase in which the split to 2 groups of 4 players competing against each ladies once each Group company Erin - and on weekends then followed semifinals (each group, first against the group in two of the other group) and the final. I was hoping, through my "contact person" Annette to get back to a free ticket, and should not be disappointed. She worked again the whole week as a promotion girl and was able to pass a day (from Tuesday to Friday) each with 2 free tickets to friends. Join me wanted to Pieter from Belgium, who naturally hoped to seeing his two countrywomen Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne. Now the only question of the appointment was clarified. The problem was that after the official draw but knew who played in what group, but not against whom when who took (the game plan for the Always next day was published the day before). Thus, the 12 group games were divided into 4 rounds, which meant that every lady in one day was play time. I wanted so much to see Maria Sharapova play live once (if possible against Kim Clijsters, what was in my eyes, the top match of this group), but just did not know when the for should now be accurate. So I let me assign the Thursday of Annette, who also was in Madrid holiday (and so at least I had no problems, just in time to be there by 18 clock). As is now the day before turned out, that was the very day that just did not play Maria Sharapova - damn! But no matter, we have to Pieter have some nice games seen (and he also had his two Belgians :-)). First, Justine Henin-Harden against Nadia Petrova, then both of her playful and the mood in the hall by far her best match of the evening against Amelie Mauresmo, Martina Hingis, Kim Clijsters and, finally, against Svetlana Kuznetsova. Incidentally, we have also seen that night and the two later finalists - that Justine Henin-Hardenne and Amelie Mauresmo. Plus the tournament ranked first in the world ranking won finally Justine Henin-Hardenne.

Ev Nova 1.0.10 License

day trip to El Escorial

For the past by weekend was part of the weather report again bombastic weather with temperatures around 20 ° C has been announced, so I would definitely again to make something "out there", so something about it in the winter due to cold or bad weather not as much fun. This would I also get up early and was absolutely necessary even willing to sacrifice a little party in the evening - but without a party's was not natural. Friday's evening went with several people from the famous Gran Vía flat in the direction Malasa ña, where we were first hanging in a bar, where it's relatively inexpensive Mojito was. Also a round of tequila was a must of course not (although I already know, at the sight of the stuff 'nen gag get - but sometimes you have to bow to peer pressure containing ;-)). Then we landed in irgend'ner cool rock pub - no idea where or how was the shed - but as you can see in the pictures, we have a lot of fun had.

Somehow I got it but then actually managed to wake up a few hours later the next morning and reasonably on time (just 'ne less than half an hour late * g *) at the station
Atocha (here was the way the main goal of the terrorist attacks in just over 3 years to be), where we had arranged to meet with Constantine. The train ticket was amazingly cheap (there and back for about 5 €) - and so we went as planned 10:30 on towards El Escorial , where we arrived an hour later. After the obligatory "Café con leche" (coffee with milk) to strengthen we set out on foot (also weltbreühmt for El Escorial) to our actual main goal of the San Lorenzo el Real - a huge castle and monastery from the time of the Renaissance. After a half-hour march through the adjacent Castle Park, we finally reached the former monastery - one of size alone iconic building (not for nothing that referred to in Spain as the 8th wonder of the world). Constantin and I then visited the parts of the palace, which were freely available (this was, for example the library). But the nearly 10 € entrance for visiting any porcelain, furniture, carpets and paintings we have given to us - we are not so artistically inspired both.

was now's also a time to eat something - and since we all that stuff in the bars was too expensive, we decided abruptly to make a hearty snack English * g *. So we bought in a supermarket 2 fresh baguettes, ham, cheese and olives, and made ourselves comfortable on a bench in a small park. There we have it is in all the rest of our sandwiches and watched while eating a few Spaniards, while gambling on a football field.

About one hour later we made our way to the climax (at least for me) of the day - de
m Cruz del Valle de los Caídos (National Monument of the Holy Cross in the Valley of the Fallen). This is a huge memorial to honor the dead of the English Civil War and including the tomb of the English dictator Franco . The monument was erected in 1940 of 20,000 political prisoners against a prospect asked prison time reduction.
The problem was: How reaching there? The complex is in fact a few miles outside of El Escorial on a hill. First, we could even up to the foot of the hill - the day with a goal similar to a barracks entrance and of course had also asked for cash was - take the bus. Normally you would now take a cable car can, but the course did not go. That was either a car or had to rely on the last 6 km run to the summit. We decided, logically, for the latter - but kept the foresight to get out now and our fingers crossed to make one on hitchhikers. And indeed, after several cars were rushed past us, but actually was a nice couple from Barcelona who took with us to the top (and on the way back the last piece also took down again).
Well there we were finally here - and I was impressed. The entire monument consists of a sculptured in the rock church (which is supposedly the longest in the world) and a huge parade ground in front. This is also still used frequently by supporters of the English rights for parades. Most impressive, however, is a 150 m (!) High and 40 m (!) Wide concrete cross, which is located above the church on the hill top and can be widely seen. It is interesting to see how different the handling of the past - in Spain took place in contrast to Germany, no account of the history, the transition to democracy was more fluent. Thus we find not a sign in the entire system over the crimes of the Franco era - in fact, sometimes even in public show visitors their sympathy with Franco and the previous regime and posing proudly inconceivable in Germany - before any inscriptions.
After we had everything looked at, we went back down the mountain (this time mostly on foot, and the last piece again with the friendly couple from Barcelona by car). Since we had missed the bus level and should be a good half an hour later our train ride back to Madrid, we tried our luck again hitch - and this time it did not last long, and a nice couple took us and brought us eventually to to the station. Back in Madrid, I really wanted to evening to go with Jessica, Molly, Peter and Constantine in irgend'nen Club. But because I so badly from the day and the week before, was the next Day would again use the nice weather and it also should go back to the first 12-1 clock, I decided to stay at home and sometimes catch a little sleep ...

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Floating Arm Trebuchet For Sale

Ir a marcha .. My new apartment

... means nothing else than a night out - and I have done last Friday and Saturday extensively. The whole weekend was totally dominated by party - as was the night into day and vice versa (ie, it was held up early and slept during the day) - for culture was no place ;-). Friday night it should be, Macumba - a huge Elektro-/Techno-Tanztempel near the Paseo de la Castellana. Constantin and I had two days earlier in the "Hora Bruja" - find a bar for (Ersamus) students of Peter, that should just hang up on that Friday in the scene is not entirely unknown Carl Craig (Detroit, USA). With flyers should come in to 02 clock for free (without voucher cost the fun 15 €). Initially had Andreas (who wanted to come too) and I do not have such a flyer, so I was wrong with Andrew at 12 at night through the streets in search of an Internet café, which on the one still open and the other still had a printer, because you could to download these vouchers on the homepage of the club and print Unfortunately, our search was unsuccessful, but in the end (vs. 0.30 clock) gave me Constantin by telephone that she had with Peter still exactly 2 flyer about it, and so we wanted us there . meet When Andrew and I to 1.15 clock got there, we could not believe unseen eyes. There was a queue of roughly estimated 500-700 people, and it did not go forward as good as ever. We knew from experience that it is made here in Madrid with the time of services very well say that there are 2 clock point would probably be over by the free admission. Since we had a problem so. We tried of course, us (veeery quietly) fairly far forward to be classified in the queue, but all were security people that the amount held in check, and one of them to us in no uncertain terms that this was not well was the best place to queue . Well, we tried it so later (estimated position in the queue: 350-400, or about half of the snake). And this time we were not on. Nevertheless, progress was extremely slow. Of the others (Constantine, Peter + Brother) was initially far and wide to see anything - but finally, 20 minutes before 2, they arrived then. They presented themselves well to briefly (further back in line, because we were in a fenced part), but they capitulated soon - soon realize that it bdei the length of the snake and the snail pace of advancement was not possible until around 2 to come to the entrance. Andrew and I wanted to continue to try our luck, but wanted just in case we arranged to meet for Sol, where we should if we cancel the whole thing. And so we continue wartetetn - sometimes squeezed like sardines in front of the entrance were then short again neat people pulled out, looked to be drunk (because, as in Germany, the party people waiting to benefit from selling more or less high-proof alcohol - but here it is very companionable and has sometimes even a few German students what the cost to ;-)). Well what can I do to a large voltage? We have obviously not managed to get in for nothing :-(. Promptly at 2:10 we were then at the entrance and tried the first one on stupid ("What about 2? I think the voucher is valid all night?) And then pity ("We're just poor students and have no money" - something that basically corresponded to the truth.) - all to no the usher. remained firm, and wanted to voucher € 12 admission (includes 1 Copa) (otherwise stated as 15 €) have. Since I have me begin first refused and wanted to him the other descendants of Sol, Andreas came reluctantly to the bus stop. There we met a couple of Spaniards who brought drinks nachfeierten with the birthday of a friend, and kindly informed we could drink :-). Whether it was the alcohol now, which made me finally realize that 12 € entry (includes 1 hard free drink) for a good techno club in Madrid - that evening to a top DJ - but actually not that bad Let (and that we would spend less in Sol, was also not told), I do not know, but do not care - I finally decided that we really should try it but Macumba. So we dealt with Andrew again hired for 'half an hour * g * - by 3 we were finally there. And ultimately, the whole thing had been worth, after all was something different than the normal clubs. The Macumba is huge (3000 has determined to dance all night place), very stylishly decorated and pickepackevoll that evening. And Carl Craig's part contributed to a successful evening at - people went from neat to his music. However, I was then the Copa (I ordered the usual Cuba Libre) and certainly the Fatigue of the previous week eased somewhat - I'm there weggenickt on one of the couches shortly for 5 min, but stupid as well on my way home later in the night bus. When I woke up I was Somewhere in little-populated, but with major highways equipped area of Madrid - beautiful Sch ***. After I had determined on the basis of timetables at bus stops my position and my direction on my way home and for determined 45 min was wandering around in the pouring rain, I decided then it wisely, for the next bus (which by this time, it was now early to 7) again went all 10 minutes) to wait - a good decision because how hearusstellte there were still about 5 km have been up to my apartment. Since that day I have for the next week with an ordinary cold had to fight - a nice memory of that night.

Smstag Well and on it was going to the capital - Madrid's largest discounter with 7 Floors of 7 floors (plus karaoke bar, mini-cinema and chill-out zones) - go. As mentioned in another post, we had met at the Halloween party a guy from Holland who are discounted at least entrance (12 €) including 2 Copas, if not free admission (but no free drink - costs and 1 drink Just turned 11 €) could get. We have the same time claimed :-). Although it worked with the guest list (and the associated free admission) not (this works well only on Thursdays, where the disco is also half empty, but on Saturdays, the whole exercise is almost impossible - may may be lucky if one very, very early , ie, steps 1, arrives), but in the end the option with the 2 free drinks was always the better, because the whole evening so without causing drinking is not even the truth. Actually we should be 'ne really big force of about 15 men who were there - but shortly after the departure of Gran Vía, the group split for unknown reasons - and one half marched Sol (where I now had a hundred thousand times by now ;-)) and the rest (Pieter (BEL), Andreas (D), Alessandra (I), Arnaud (F), Julie (F) and I) headed to the way to the "capital". And all in all it was a pleasant evening, although I learned not every weekend, and must have irgendwiedas feeling, slowly but surely out of the age for such mega-clubs to be (especially containing the mass of the people there between an estimated 18 and 24 years). But the location is in itself fat - all set up relatively classy. I think the whole thing was once an old theater - at least you can go to each floor of the theater inside and look at the main floor to floor first On stage occurred now and then to show acts to fuel the audience - and the Gogos were not bad parents. I got me most of the Abneds with Arnaud tortuous by the masses and times here and there, sipping halted a little of our Copas to dance or just people-watching. We even Sjoerd, the Dutch, then met again, the did a little sorry that that had not worked out the guest list and for us a couple of shots for free :-) organized. And at the end of the evening (from about 5 to about 6), we were all united 6 in-house karaoke bar - unfortunately there was hardly any English songs, so I refrained from a vocal sample ;-). Gradually starting from above - - for then the individual floors were closed, so we then calmed conscience about half 7, the capital and leave us to get back home could. Outside were many cafes still open or once again and were packed with party-goers, who needed only a coffee. But we were just still in our bed, where I arrived completely exhausted and about half eighth

Friday, November 3, 2006

Recovery From Freezing Genital Warts

The day after Halloween Party said it was called then, me from my old flat to adopt and move into my new place. Even with a slight hangover, I grabbed the rest of my stuff I am eve had not done together, and was completed on time by 12 clock. My deposit for the apartment key (25 €) I received I have been the day before (my real deposit of 150 € is the devil, however :-(). Well, as I now stood with my suitcase and some bags ( I did not manage everything all at once, but twice on the road was to transport all messages in the new house) - was quite funny: although I was only 2 months had lived there and most others had only been a much shorter time because, but it as if you already know and forever leaves his family (of course not quite as pronounced, but somehow sad). Well, so far away yes my new place is not (more precisely, only 2 Metro stations), and I'll always times in my old flat "after the rights to" see ;-). Au ß addition I did have my new "family" to which I could look forward to. I live now so as already announced with 2 Spain - Juan and Jesus * g * - together. Both are about my age and work. Juan speaks einigerma need good English, Jesus really only English (which for me and my English so can actually be good :-)). Everyone has his own room :-)), (even with mini-balcony above there's an empty room (in the event that the landlord will stop by to stay with us because he lives actually in 'Ner other city, we also use it as a bar and storage room), a kitchen, even a little larger SSSR than that in Gran Vía - but this is not really hard * g *, a bathroom (for Jesus and me, Juan has its own bath integrated in the room) and a relatively large SSES living room. Are actually equipped with stove, oven 8den gave it in gran Vía not), microwave and washing machine - and telephone and Internet (WiFi), there's also. Everything is nice and clean (not an exaggeration, but in Gran Vía saw it in the kitchen containing some degree also quite Sauma regularly off), and I feel really comfortable. In the evening, when I come home from work, I take the time now mostly new flavors to cook and then comfortable with the two (because they are there - as Jesus had for a week every day at 10 clock in the evening to work !) a bissl to chat, eat and watch TV.

What attracted me to this stall but also was the environment. Not so loud and hectic as in Gran Via, but still not too far off the beaten (by Sol, you can in 25 min walk
ß run), so life like it's quite enjoyable. 200m from our entrance is a huge shopping, sports and office buildings with about 40 stores (including a health club, eight tennis courts and a swimming pool), but this is only fertigggestellt zumTeil - but the food discount stores, a bakery, Burger King, an American. Restaurant and fitness center have been opened, what more could you want :-). Also very nice is that in the near ambient drying like there are several small parks that are filled with searching for relaxation (südamerikan.) English just on weekends, volleyball, Fu play SS and basketball, and to also jog invite (should I finally had some time to find). And as mentioned in 'NEM another post, is the home ground Athlectico of Madrid (Vicente Calderon), also only a stone's throw away - from a mountain next to the mall you can even see into the stadium (though not on the playing field - * unfortunately * g). For this I am now in 'Ner corner where there are lots of small bars (for example, Fu ßballschauen * g *) and some of the best tapas bars in Madrid are. For example, "La Esquina de Eusebio is - elected by other visitors to Madrid the best tapas bar in Madrid - just 5 minutes away from my home - and really highly recommended. The beer there costs € 1.20 - and that's as many tapas as you want ("just" finished "sandwiches", but in all possible variations of this from vegetarian to meat to fish), and new ones are being handed out trays. Va ham sandwiches are sold out within seconds - that's the Spaniards are holding. Furthermore, there are a lot called Chino-shops - so shops that are run by Asians, where you can buy fruit and vegetables and the basic necessities of food, snacks and Alk and are usually open until well after 11 clock at night. I've already found the Chino my choice where I will use my apples or grapes (and if worst comes to worst times, sometimes a beer) buy - now I know the good wife and me back and try again in a little conversation entangled. What is unfortunately somewhat deteriorated has is my daily commute to work - I'm so to speak, the rain falling into the gutter ;-). Of the 2 more to moving stops and one change in "Principe Pio '(which is not really a problem because you over run only 10 m must be in contrast to almost all other Metro stations, and at rush hour are the Metros all 2 min) and the 7 min Fu ßmarsch of housing to the metro (where I was spoiled in Gran Vía really 2 min walk) come apart, sometimes so many people at once ( Monday morning it is just incredible) - and at the same time is 8 min no metro (which was supposed to be at rush hour, but it seems to stop), that it ends in unrelieved chaos. There must let you go then by 1, 2 metros and plunges fearlessly into the next (although already overcrowded), because somehow you have to come even to work. But if at first you have in it, one is the worst survived - in the second metro to get there almost always without problems.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Jeep Wrangler Remove Carpet


2 days after the last weekend was again the next "big event" to - and that was Halloween . Luckily the following day a public holiday and so free, so one could jump into without remorse Party turmoil :-) (for me the following day was free from a other fundamental importance - because on that very day was the Imzug take place in my new apartment - by 12 noon I had to clock out to be from my old flat). Like almost everywhere in the world, there are also in Spain a punt American influence, and so for the past 10 years, celebrated Halloween much on the rise and we are always self-evident. Many bars are specially decorated, and many people dress up in drag and sometimes scary ;-) costumes through the streets. As so often for that evening was still no concrete plan - there is already something * g *. And so we looked only at our flat, the hammer-leg vs. FC Barcelona. Chelsea, before I finally Certainty was that I would go with Arnaud to a Halloween party his Komillitonen. Later, should also Andreas to join. Actually we had before, do it again to do with Romain, Claudio and Anne, but unfortunately the plan was due to the strict provisions of the respective guest lists, party organizers frustrated. Was entitled to any party invited guest to bring a maximum of two (preferably female) guests - so we finally went to three of our party, and the other 3 to another (with a similar scheme). Arnaud and I had the foresight to just before the football game still worried something quickly make-up, and let us then produced for the face Party dressing * g * (see photos). The party itself was not bad, wait was a lot to drink and nice people to talk, just a few more non-contracted girls would not hurt either ;-). Whatever the case, we still have quite a good time, and besides, attached another "important" contact. At the party, namely, Sjoerd was also a Dutchman, who studied in Madrid - and at the weekend but in Madrid's largest nightclub, the works ever mentioned "capital". Normally there admission will cost € 18 including a free drink, but thanks to Sjoerd we now whenever we want with coupons for 12 € including 2 free drinks (each drink costs there otherwise € 11!) pure. Angbelich was also the possibility of a guest list for nothing (but then no free drink) get in, but this only works on Thursdays reliable as we were allowed to learn the following weekend ;-)... (See separate post)